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Retrospec Solana 1″ Yoga Mat

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Price: $39.99 - $35.21
(as of Jun 19, 2023 22:26:19 UTC – Details)

Our premium thick yoga and exercise mats come in two sizes (1″ and ½”) to provide maximum support and balance while you practice. Relieve pain and stress on your joints, neck, back and knees while finding your balance in Solana’s ribbed, non-slip, thick material. BPA free and free from harsh chemicals that ruin the vibe. Solana is your go-to mat for meditation, meditation, and practice anywhere from sunrise to sunset.
Non-Slip Grip: The Solana’s non-slip material keeps you stable and balanced while staying firmly on the floor. Innovative design helps prevent injury so you can focus on your practice or workout.
DURABLE AND PORTABLE: Solana’s thick, durable material is built for everyday use, no matter the intensity of your activity. The Solana comes with a nylon back strap so you can easily take it from home practice to studio salute.
Free of Harsh Chemicals: Our products are free of phthalates, heavy metals and latex. Your mat may initially emit a harmless odor. If so, unfold the mat and let it dry for a day or two before using.
EASY TO CLEAN: The Solana is easy to keep clean and fresh for your next workout. Use a mild soap and water mix, wipe clean, and hang to dry. Do not drown.
Small cell foam rubber material